Are electric cigarettes and nicotine vaporizers safe?


Since there is no tar, Electronic Cigarettes are definitely better on your lungs than a real cigarettes, but are there adverse side effects to these devices?  Recent studies suggest there are, but the adverse effects are not as bad as you may think.
1. Depending on the vaporization technique, some electronic cigarettes have caused burns from electrical malfunction.
2. They still contain Nicotine, which is addictive.  You can use the device to help quit smoking, but most people still smoke as they would regular cigarettes.  Without cutting down on the Nicotine, the addiction will remain.
3. They have an appeal to non-smokers, especially children due to novelty flavorings and marketing claims about safety that have yet to be proven.
4. Locations that do not allow smoking usually allow these electronic cigarettes.  This means people can actually use Nicotine in more locations, increasing the chances that they will smoke more often.
5. At the moment, laws governing the use and sale, of electronic cigarettes vary widely.  There are many debates about the fore mentioned issues taking place, but due to the lack of scientific studies, there really is not enough evidence to support either side of the arguments.
If you are thinking about purchasing an electronic cigarette, you should buy one that has a proven safety record.  You also want to look at the solutions that are used to create the vapor.  For example, if you buy a cheap electronic cigarette from a convenience store, you are going to get a low quality product.  If you purchase a trusted brand, then you will get a high quality electronic cigarette.  The most amazing thing about these high quality electronic cigarettes is that water vapor makes up over 99% of what is exhaled.  This means that there is no odor or harmful second hand smoke.  If you are trying to quit smoking, you may want to try a product that does not contain Nicotine such as X-Halers.